Are you searching for relief from chronic, unrelenting headaches, stiff neck, muscle aches, tension, or other maladies for which you or your doctor can find no cause?

This information is provided to help you and your dentist discover the connection between chronic pain and the alignment of your jaws and teeth, and to help you find relief.

Stiff-Necked People

“Stiff-necked people” have been mentioned many times in the Bible. Modern day Dr. Janet Travell, President Kennedy's personal physician, lectured frequently about the levator scapula muscle as the “stiff neck” muscle. The “gnashing and grinding of teeth” also mentioned in the Bible and classic literature is related to neck and head pain.

Head and neck pain and their related maladies are probably more prevalent in today's world than ever before considering the widespread unrest, anxiety, instability, and fear. What happens when people clench and grind when not eating, chewing, and swallowing is that they still recruit the head and neck muscles used in the eating process. This unnecessarily causes excessive muscle contractions, leading to tooth problems, joint and jaw soreness, fatigue, aches, tension, and pain in the related areas of the face, head, neck, and shoulders.

When teeth make contact without food in the mouth (clenching), research has recorded biting forces up to 600 pounds of pressure compared to the 25 to 30 pounds of pressure from normal chewing while eating. Therefore, tremendous wear, sensitivity, recession, cracking, fracture, and tooth loss occurs. The problem happens during the day, but especially at night during sleep.

"I go to sleep easier"
"Now I can sleep through the night"
"I don't snore any more"
"I finally feel refreshed in the morning!"

You can find relief

This website is created to help people stop the above-mentioned behaviors using simple oral appliances often historically referred to as mouth guards, Lucia jigs, night guards, or bite splints. The bite splint, which I prefer to call “Night Time Bite Splint” and its variations, has the distinguishing feature of preventing the posterior (back) teeth from contacting (biting or clenching).

The net effect of patients conscientiously wearing this Night Time Bite Splint is often amazing in the significant if not complete reduction of head, neck, and shoulder pain, even migraine headaches. Patients often reported falling asleep more easily, sleeping more soundly, reduced snoring, and being able to sleep better while using a C-Pap machine. Patients frequently state “My whole body is more relaxed,” and “I know when I’m clenching now and can stop.”

This history of this treatment has been documented by the author for over 59 years, substantiated by written testimonials, videos (over a 30-year span), and patient records. Current research, some in the past 15 years, confirms the advantages of “anterior contact only” splints. Personal, EMG research shows a tremendous posterior muscle contraction reduction when using an anterior tooth contact only “Night Time Bite Splint” compared to the full mouth tooth contact splint referred to in dental literature as a stabilization splint.

Have you discussed your symptoms with your dentist—no matter how unrelated they may seem?

It is the purpose of this web site to be a source of information for dental practitioners, medical practitioners, and patients dealing with head and neck pain and related symptoms. It is worth mentioning that the Aura of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders(TMJ/D) and chewing muscle dysfunctions is an overall source of the maladies mentioned above. Considering what has been said, it is not surprising that current research shows TMJ/D has an 85% co-morbidity with gastric oral reflux (GERD), chronic fatigue syndrome, non-cardiac chest, headache, fibromyalgia, sleep disturbance, mood disorders, chronic pelvic pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Head and neck symptoms upon waking often persist during the day with continued clenching and stress.  A “Day Time Bite Splint” is a variation of the Night Time Bite Splint which has upper cuspid occlusal acrylic  blocks. This also precludes posterior teeth clenching. YouTube videos and articles discussing these situations are on the website.

One of the biggest barriers to helping patients with headaches, neck aches, migraines,  stiff necks, snoring, sleeplessness, frequent arousal, snoring, not dreaming, not feeling rested, and painful muscles upon arising is that patients don’t think to tell their Dentist and/or their Dentist does not think to ask!